There is no better way to say thank you

We welcome donations at any time. If you have received excellent care or a relative or friend has been looked after in the hospital then there is no better way to say “Thank you” than to give a donation to The Friends of Woking Community Hospital.

In recent years, The Friends have raised over £700,000 for the comfort and well being of patients and to help the hospital provide new and improved patient technology.

You can make a donation now by filling out the donation form which also includes a Gift Aid Declaration. If you sign the Gift Aid declaration The Friends, as a registered charity, can reclaim an additional 25% from the tax authorities.

You can download the donation form by clicking on the link below.


Recent Donations

The Friends of Woking Community Hospital wish to express our grateful thanks to the following for their donations in the period since February 2013. We are also most grateful to the Members for their support through their annual subscriptions, which are themselves donations, and to those who donate through the Hospital boxes and our Tinshakes.

Supporters of Laura Liddaman  £502

Mrs L L Chatwin  £50

Mr P W Ankers £36

Mr J C Harris £50

Grove Road Residents Association £240

Mr JFG Murphy  £50

Mr B Colborne £10

Mrs JAM Hawkings £200

Waitrose, Goldsworth Park £638

Donations in memory of Alan Priest  £250

Mr J J Wells £40

Mr D J Gammage £10

The ASDA Foundation  £500

Mrs M John £10

Mrs S Bosley £10

C A Redfern Charitable Foundation £2,000

JT & B Parish in memory of Jane Emmerson £20

Mrs L L Chatwin £50

Sainsbury's, Brookwood £20

Mrs R Gillingham £50

Mr J C Harris £50

Mrs B R Grant £100

The staff and customers of Colyer Repropoint £28

Mr B C Colborne £10

Mrs J A M Hawkings £200

In memory of Vin Morgan £188

Mr J J Wells £40

Staff and students at Surrey Adult Learning £86

Mrs C Dixon £30

Mr G Denney £10

Mrs AD Murphy £10

Mr & Mrs Luckham £20

Mrs M John £10

Mr R Wallington £25

Mrs L Dyson £30

Waitrose Ltd, West Byfleet £280

The C.A. Redfern Charitable Foundation, for Margaret Robinson  £2,000

Mildred Mary Wood - bequest £1,000 

Foresters Friendly Society - Court Newark Abbey £50

Mrs P.J. Simpson £50

Sands at Bleak House - raffle proceeds - £647

Waitrose Goldsworth Park £648

Miss B I Pelling £6

Mr B C Colborne  £10

Mrs Lorna Dyson £50

Mrs VO Davis £32

Mrs D I Watson £32

Mrs A F Vero £25

Mrs M G Wynter-Bee £32

Woking United Reformed Church Meeting Point  £50

The ASDA Foundation   £200

Barclays "pound for pound", for Maggie Dawes and the 2015 Plant Sale  £750

Donations in memory of Mr AJG D'Arcy Greig  £173

Team Esteem and its supporters £3,347

The C.A. Redfern Charitable Foundation, for Margaret Robinson £2,000

T. Hussain   £1,000

Woking United Reformed Church Charity   £25

In memory of Gloria Liddaman £ 5,205

Mrs EM Burnyeat   £ 32

Mrs J Alexandroff and friends £ 32

Supporters of Steven Lizars' and family's 10k Run £ 4,339

Mrs LG Oswick and friends in memory of Mrs V Wright £ 255

Woking Seniors, thanks to Jonathan Lord MP £ 38

In memory of Joan Luddington £ 30

Barclays (matching grant - Margaret Dawes) £ 750

Mrs Grist £ 25

Mrs Hewitt £ 20

Mrs LG Oswick £ 30

Woking Lions £ 1,420

Pyrford Women's Group £ 450

Mrs MJ Richardson £ 25

Woking United Reformed Church £ 80

Waitrose, Goldsworth Park £ 584

Mrs Jean Campbell £ 25

Rotary Club of Woking £ 1,950

Jan Challenger in memory of her Mother £ 55

Mr JP Allan £ 20

Mr & Mrs DK Atkinson £ 20

Mrs M John £ 10

Sainsbury's, Wolsey Place £ 50

Morpac - Mr Michael Nagle £ 50

1st Horsell Scouts and guides £ 159

Mrs Angela Soar £ 25

Barclays (matching grant - Margaret Dawes) £ 750

MrChris Soar £ 25

Mrs Laura Chatwin £ 90

Mrs EM Burnyeat £ 30

Mr F Edmonds in memory of Marion Edmonds £ 150

West Byfleet Golf Club £ 400

Rotary Club of Woking £ 1,650

Legacy - Mrs Susan Patient £ 5,000

Repropoint £ 67

Mrs M Gammon      £15

Mrs BM Dawson £ 10

Mrs Marion Payne £ 25