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About Us

The Friends of Woking Community Hospital is a voluntary support organisation which was registered as a Charity in 1970 although its roots can be traced back to the mid 1930�s.

Over recent years The Friends have worked to raise over �750,000 for improved hospital facilities and equipment. Photographs of some of the funded items are shown throughout this website.

The Friends is governed by a Committee of Trustees.  Twice a year the Trustees consider the Hospital�s suggestions for equipment or amenities that could not otherwise be afforded out of the normal Hospital budget.

This website has been designed to bring the work of The Friends to a wider audience but particularly to the 110,000 people who were cared for by the Hospital and its dedicated staff in the last 12 months.

If you would like to help too, choose the appropriate page to find out how, or simply e-mail

The fruits of major fundraising efforts over the years include the new Bradley Unit wetroom,the ward conservatories, all 80 electronic beds in the Hosptal and a Retinal Tomograph, a computerised camera which can detect the eye disease, Glaucoma, much earlier than has hitherto been possible.

In addition to these major projects, The Friends have also funded other items for patients including for example a new television in the outpatients waiting room, pressure mattresses for beds and newspapers for long stay patients in the Bradley ward.